Breeder of French Lops & Continental Giants


No rabbit will leave sandybunnies until we are 100% happy that the rabbit is fully weaned and ready for their new home, this may mean that you have to wait for your bunny but i aim to send all my bunnies to their new homes when they are completely ready and healthy and any extra time that they may spend here at sandybunnies will be worth the rabbits while in the long run.

Each rabbit will leave with a supply of food, a care sheet and an endless supply of help and support that you may need.

Our small stud is run purely for personal enjoyment and for keeping my lines going.  I enjoy breeding and caring for my rabbits and i would only breed each of my does twice per year at a maximum.

Please note that you have to be over the age of 18 to purchase any of my bunnys or accompanied by an adult.

I also have the right to refuse any adoption if i do not feel the situation is suitable for the rabbit.


Any deposits paid will be non returnable unless your bunny becomes unavailable for any reason

A suitable pet carrier must be bought with you on collection.

A deposit is required to secure your chosen bunny, we will only hold a rabbit for three days without a deposit and if we dont recieve your deposit within three days I am sorry but your bunny will be put back up for adoption.

I am sorry to say that we cant hold onto any rabbit for more than a week after it is ready to leave unless we have arranged otherwise on time of reservation. If you fail to collect your rabbit in this time your deposit will be lost and your rabbit put back up for adoption.


On collection a full check of your bunny will be carried out by you and myself so that we both are happy all is well with your bunny before he/she leaves here.

We strongly advise pet insurance as any rabbit which has left here is not our responsibility if vet fees are incurred, in cases of fatality which proves down to genetic fault then a replacement/refund will be given at my discretion. (written proof by a qualified vet will need to be forwarded to me)


We do our upmost to accurately sex our babies but from time to time even the most experienced breeders can make mistakes as on some babies it can be very difficult to tell.